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The Viva International group was established in the 1970’s and today has a annual turnover of over $100 million. Started in the small city of Dubai the company has grown along with the city. Both the city and the Viva International Group have excelled in their industries to become one of the best cities and companies respectively. The company’s head quarters are situated in Dubai.

The Viva international Group was set up as a textiles trading company when it was established. The company had incorporated a brand called the Harry Collection and has become of on the market leaders in the Textile Industry in the Middle East and boasted office around the world namely South America, China, India, Eastern Europe and Europe. Since its inception it has been catering to the ever growing demands of the clothing, Textiles and Fashion Industry.

After the turn of the century the management of The Viva International Group decided to diversify and got into several industries such and Entertainment, Mobile hone and accessories, Retail and Supermarkets. Viva currently has textiles and mobile office in Moscow, Barcelona, Shaoxing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Saudi, Kuwait and Mumbai.